Marjorie Drake (Sophie Stanton) is the wife of Bryan Drake and the mother of Peter Drake.They reside in a house at number 2 Stanley Road.

On the morning of 8 November 1982, she and her family are robbed by a burglar who wears a mask of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to conceal his identity as George Staines (or, as he is known to the Drakes, their friend Gaynor Mason). Staines/Mason steals approximately £1.000 and some jewellry, including the necklace she was wearing.

Marjorie is confused by the familiarity and sympathy with which she is treated by DI Alex Drake who is, unknown to her, her future ex-daughter-in-law; DCI Gene Hunt explains that DI Drake "takes her community relations very seriously."

In 1996, Marjorie becomes a grandmother with the birth of Peter's daughter, Molly.

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