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Montserrat Lombard

Woman Police Constable Shaz Granger is a fictional character in BBC One's science fiction/police procedural drama, Ashes to Ashes. The character is portrayed by Montserrat Lombard.


The character of Sharon Granger is described as "friendly, eager and helpful" by the programme's official website. Granger joined the Gene Hunt's (Philip Glenister) Criminal Investigation Department two years prior to the second series, acting as a uniformed aide with responsibility for administration.

During the first two series, Granger is displayed to be unfulfilled with her current tasks within CID. Along with this, Granger has demonstrated a "keen intelligence and diverse knowledge" on literature, history and the arts. She has also been referred to as an "lobotomised Essex girl" by Gene Hunt.

Since the protagonist's arrival in the series, Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes) and she have become friends.

During episode two of the third series, Granger contemplates leaving the Metropolitan Police. However, after going undercover to catch a serial killer - during which she saves herself from an attempt on her life - and Hunt's promises to allow her into CID by Christmas, she decides to stay. On screen while considering the offer from Hunt, there was a brief musical cue of 'Life On Mars' during a close up on a spaced out Granger just after she gives her answer.

Along with this, Shaz, Ray and Chris all have visions of stars, as if looking up at the sky and hear strange voices, like that of in a pub, and described by Chris as Nelson (Tony Marshall), the publican from Life on Mars, asking him what he will have to drink.


During episode 7 of the first series, Granger attempted to apprehend an armed and dangerous Gil Hollis, who shortly before had fired upon the team while they were taking cover in Luigi's trattoria opposite Fenchurch East Police Station. After eventually nearing Hollis, Granger tackled Hollis to the ground, and as they both fell the knife Hollis was holding penetrated her stomach. Once Alex Drake, Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), Ray Carling (Dean Andrews), and Gene Hunt arrived at the scene, Drake carried out CPR on Granger. After Drake's attempts failed, Hunt ordered Hollis to his knees and allowed Skelton and Carling to violently assault him while he was in police custody, despite the protest of Viv James (Geff Francis).

During episode 8, Granger recovers and joins the group again. ==Finale == During the finale, it is revealed that Shaz is already dead in reality. She was killed during the mid 1990s, attempting to apprehend a would-be car thief, who stabs her in the abdomen with a screwdriver, leaving her to bleed to death.

After Alex persuades Gene to join the undercover operation that Chris,Shaz and Ray have organised, he radios through to Ray, Chris and Shaz just as DCI Jim Keats is going to take them away. After persuading Ray and Chris to return to him, Gene radios Shaz and informs her that "Shaz, you are now promoted to Detective Constable, effective immediately"; Granger then becomes a fully fledged Detective Constable.

She and Chris are reunited before crossing over into 'the pub', together with Ray and Alex.


During the second series, Granger enters into a relationship with Chris Skelton and eventually they become engaged. Granger is also close to Alex Drake, who tells the comatose Sharon that she is her "favourite imaginary construct", because she "is so alive".

During the first episode of the third series, it is revealed that Granger and Skelton have ended their relationship, which they mend in the finale. Also in the finale, she gives Hunt a peck on the cheek before she steps into the 'Railway Arms' and Hunt refers to Skelton by telling her "you keep him out of trouble, Detective Constable Granger".